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DashBid helps content companies and publishers maximize their video ad revenue with a hosted service designed and built specifically for video advertising.

Powered by a rich data analytics engine, DashBid provides publishers and content owners with a real-time, auction-based media selling platform and yield optimization around their syndicated web and mobile content.

  • Expand your demand sources by connecting to the world's largest video ad exchanges
  • Visualize your sales markets to drive advanced sales insights
  • Increase your advertising inventory
  • Maximize your video ad revenue
  • Increase CPMs and fill rates
  • Strategically set RTB floor prices
  • Automate complex selling strategies and video ad ops to save time
  • Leverage your first party data





Video Ad Yield Optimizer

Save time and make more money with DashBid

Ad Network Mediation DashBid’s supply-side platform (SSP) automatically sets up and manages dozens of video ad waterfalls for you so you can have different monetization strategies for different segments of your audience like: 

New vs returning users Content or placement type on your site Geo-location of viewer Demographic (Gender, age, income, etc.) Interest types DashBid automatically sets the order of priority of your demand networks (your “waterfall”) based on historical eCPM pricing, latency, error rates, play rates, payment terms and other factors to ensure you the maximum revenue. In addition, we collect data from all of these demand sources, track real time performance, and use predictive algorithms to update your video ad waterfalls every hour or even every 5 minutes.

DashBid calculates and automatically sets floor prices for your ad tags on most exchanges.  We take the guesswork out of optimization by actually testing yield frequently for each demand source ad different prices and iteratively adjusting to maximize yield in the context of all the networks you work with.

Through server-side and client side integration with major ad networks, we can painlessly mediate dozens of networks at one time.  Integrated network reporting features show you all of your network revenue statistics and performance in a single dashboard including DashBid’s audit of your networks impression counts for easy optimization. The dynamic algorithm incorporates user-provided data, network data, geographical performance, ad latency, historical performance, and dozens of other variables to update your network prioritization.   Our system can work in conjunction with direct sales or next to it.


DashBid is happy for you to retain your first-party status with the ad networks that you already work with. We don’t collect payments from these networks, so there are no additional delays in receiving your funds.  If you have special terms with one of these ad networks, DashBid’s optimizer can take this into account.  


Dashbid’s network reconciliation report allows you to easily visualize the performance of your system  priority order of your ad networks (your “waterfall”) at any time.              

DashBid Video Optimizer Highlights:

  • Fully managed solution
  • Allows you to retain your first party relationships with demand sources
  • Achieves the highest CPMs and Fill Rates
  • Consolidated, normalized, and audited reporting
  • Works with all VAST compliant networks, exchanges, DSPs


  • Works with all VAST/VPAID video players
  • Provides access to dozens of demand sources globally
  • Automates segment by segment waterfalls
  • Automates bid floor adjustments
  • Video ad network performance dashboard


DashBid BidSelector

DashBid's Private Video RTB Exchange

Private Exchange.  DashBid helps Publishers make more money by using their best internal data to better highlight, package, price and sell their most transparent audiences across their best performing web, mobile and social content.  Always on your side and protective of your users, DashBid plugs directly into a Publisher's best, most accurate primary data from their content management system, content player and user systems to build a brand-safe RTB private exchange highlighting unique audience, social and content data.

By using DashBid's Private Exchange, content owners can: 

    •  Ensure The "Hottest" individual and grouped content assets command premium pricing
    • Manage video advertising from a single source - online and mobile
    • Plug best opportunities more directly into agency trading desks, DSPs and exchanges
    • Expand the value of each video ad unit sold with brand recall surveys and mobile coupons
    • Utilize effective tools to help international expansion of ad sales efforts
    • Deploy self-service platforms to drive small, middle-market, regional and local ad sals
    • Generate proprietary data and analytics owned and controlled by the Publisher

    Direct Ad Sales Tools

    Taking the same data powering your private exchange, DashBid has created a set of easy-to-use "Plan-Buy-Track" tools to help your internal ad sales team take advantage of your own very best data to assist them in better packaging, pricing and trafficking video ad sales opportunities across mobile and online platforms.

    With DashBid's Adsellerator tools, your internal ad sales team can: 

    • Create customized RFP responses quickly with the best available data and pricing
    • Create and edit custom insertion orders and email them to advertisers with a simple click
    • Streamline the hand-off between ad sales and ad ops
    • Traffic campaigns with one-click ease

    Set floor prices, exclusivities, and overrides to balance pricing while maximizing your advertising relationships


    Video Ad Operations Consulting Service

    Today's advertising technology landscape is a dizzying array of opportunities with many paths to potentially making money, but also some landmines and many hands in the revenue pot.   Every client, their content and audience is different and finding the right mix and optimal deployment is our expertise.  Some technologies are critical, others are redundant.  As STEP ONE with our clients, we work with Publishers to make you more money immediately by helping to plugin to the right technologies for your mobile and online platforms and help manage the day-to-day with your internal team.

    The Video Ad Ops Consulting team will:

    • Analyze and optimize video ad fill rates
    • Improve and automate demand side relationships
    • Force more competition between third parties to increase CPM and fill rate
    • Improve data collection and flow to increase inventory value and transparency
    • Assess privacy issues and optimize data sharing opportunities



    • Assess deployed and introduce new/remove third party ad tech
    • Assess performance of available video ad units
    • Recommend and roll-out new video ad units and placements
    • Lower overall serving costs and maximize profitability on video ad units




    Target your audiences with greater accuracy


    DashBid offers VAST and VPAID video advertising inventory to our buyers in the following preroll video categories (all inventory is 400x300 or larger) and either above the fold auto and click-to-play, or if it is below the fold it is only click-to-play:

    • USA Latino: $5 to $15 CPMs
    • USA Southeast Asian Audience: $5 to $15
    • USA Sports Male:  $6 to $15
    • USA Music Channel (male & female): $3 to $15
    • USA Video Chat: $1 to $15
    • International Travel: $6 to $20
    • email us for a media kit or more information

    Most inventory is also available at lower prices in various in-banner placements.  All inventory is targetable on the major public exchanges, but may require a Deal ID to access it.

    Agencies, Exchanges, Networks and Brand advertisers can contact us directly to execute programmatic video buying which can help them access content on many premium properties.  We can provide guaranteed CPM buys or RTB access to our publishers with simple integrations or tag exchanges.


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