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your video ad revenue.

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We make video advertising easy.

DashBid is a real-time, auction-based media selling platform designed and built specifically for programmatic video advertising.
Our powerful and data rich analytics engine will help you increase revenue and automate your selling strategies.

All-in-one Video
Advertising Solution

Expand your demand sources and manage your video advertising – online, mobile, and OTT – all from a single dashboard.

True Revenue Yield

Our ad yield optimizer automatically sets up and manages dozens of demand partners so you can have different monetization strategies for different segments of your audience.

Robust Reporting and
Data Transparency

Our technology is designed to help solve publisher pain points, improve data collection, and increase transparency.

Supply Side Platform Built for Publishers

DashBid’s Supply Side Platform enables publishers to generate more revenue through video advertising on web sites, mobile devices, Set Top Boxes and Smart TVs.

  • Expand Your Demand Sources

    Instantly expand your demand network and connect to dozens of demand sources globally.

  • Increase Your Ad Revenue

    Let us help you improve your video ad revenues and achieve the highest CPMs and fill rates for your inventory.

  • Automatically Set Floor Prices

    We take the guesswork out of optimization by actually testing yield frequently for each demand source at different prices and iteratively adjusting to maximize yield.

  • Maintain Your First Party Relationships

    DashBid is happy for you to retain your first-party relationships with the ad networks and demand sources that you already work with.

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