Brand Safety

100% Commitment to Inventory Quality

DashBid works with third-party verification partners and runs rigorous pre-bid filtering to ensure our inventory is 100% human, brand-safe, viewable and fraud-free.


Pre-Bid Fraud Filtering

DashBid runs a rigorous pre-bid fraud detection filter on all inventory.


Global Black and White List

All inventory is continually monitored through our global black and white list.

Third-Party Verification

We partner with third party leaders such as WhiteOps and Pixalate to ensure brand safety.

Post-Campaign Reporting

Get access to reports so you can see for yourself our traffic quality. It will be 100% bot-free, we guarantee it.


DashBid is pleased to announce it is Verified by TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) and listed in the TAG Registry. TAG is the leading cross-industry body fighting criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain.


Third Party Verfication Partners

DashBid is happy to announce it debuted as #1 on Pixalate's first-ever International Video Seller Trust Index (VSTI).


Meet Our Brand Safety Director

“Brand safety is the number one growing concern for our advertisers. As the industry struggles to combat ad fraud, bot-traffic, and unsafe content, advertisers need more control over where and how their ads are appearing,” says Robert McNair, DashBid’s Brand Safety Director. “We are dedicated to providing an environment for advertisers that is brand safe, preventing negative brand association, and reducing wasted ad spend. The team takes a three-pronged approach that proactively assesses ongoing risk."

Robert McNair, Brand Safety Director