Clementine Djouka

Clementine is currently the Account Strategy Director. She brings to DashBid deep analytic skills, creativity and a passion for learning.

Clementine has a background in Data Science, Finance and Mathematics, with an MBA in Financial Management, and a Master’s in Data Science with a concentration in AI and Machine Learning. Her academic career is filled with excellence, from being on the President’s list every semester of her Bachelor’s program to being the top ranking student in both her Bachelor’s, MBA, and Master’s programs.

Prior to joining DashBid, Clementine worked as a business counselor and loan officer for a Brooklyn-based non-profit whose mission is to help entrepreneurs start or grow their small businesses. Outside of work, Clementine likes simple things – spending time with friends, watching movies, or reading a good book. She particularly enjoys cooking dishes from her home country Ivory Coast in West Africa.

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