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The Problem

Advertising is a fact of life. There will never be a time where advertising doesn't exist and human life isn't effected. This doesn't make advertising bad, but it is broken. The industry doesn't compensate all the parties in the transaction fairly or transparently.

PreVUE Blockchain is fixing the issue.

You have a real world self. Your real world self is the you that walks around, owns things, buy things, sells things and enjoys life. You own your real world self and benefit directly.

You may not realize you also have a Virtual Self. This is the set of data that defines you, but is not owned by you. It can predict what you will do in different situations and dictate much of what you experience in the digital world. Advertisers, Publishers, Data companies and the entire digital ecosystem takes the value of your Virtual Self, profiting and prospering with no benefit given to you.

The Solution

Only now, as a result of the emergence of block chain technology, is there the opportunity to solve the digital advertising problems in a way never before conceived. DashBid presents a viable and valuable solution in PreVUE Blockchain that delivers fair value exchange between all participants of the advertising value circle.

By addressing a few basic failure points in digital advertising, PreVUE Blockchain creates the ecosystem where this advertising value circle is finally complete.


Own your Virtual Identity and set the price advertisers pay to put an ad in front of you. Receive tokens at a general rate or enhance your token share by increasing your participation level, something as simple as sharing a little information about your preferences up to actions as valuable as sharing unused processor power or storage capability.


Receive the right prices for your white listed, validated sites and advertising opportunities. Access open ledger technology to simplify reconciliation through true transparency, understanding exactly what’s working and what isn’t. Sell with confidence of satisfaction from the advertiser


Buy without hesitation in a market with validated sites, advertising opportunities and audience. Access the most engaged and authentic audiences and destinations with certainty. Open ledger reconciliation eliminates uncertainty around delivery destination and allows for complete attribution of campaign spend.


More Information About the Token Offering

Our Token Offering is scheduled open for pre-sale in March, 2018. Only approved potential buyers on our presale whitelist will be invited to the presale .  

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