Pre-Roll Video

A pre-roll video is a linear video ad spot that is shown before the video content plays. The publisher’s video content begins playing as soon as the pre-roll ad is completed. Pre-roll ads vary in duration, normally between 15 to 60 seconds.



Interstitial ads, also known as transition ads, appear between two content pages and are typically displayed for 20 to 30 seconds as a full-page takeover. The ad appears after the user leaves the initial page, but before the target page displays on the user’s screen. These high-impact units are typically auto-play (they are not user-initiated) and when completed, disappear as the page transitions to the ensuing content.


In-Text Video

In-text video ads are also known as out-stream video ad units, and play outside of any video content, typically between two paragraphs of text. The in-text video ad unit is initiated when the viewer gets to the designated point on the page where the ad is contained. The content expands and allows for the video player and ad to play.


Video Slider

A video slider unit slides onto the page in the lower right hand corner. The player moves with the viewer as they scroll down the page and is always above the fold.


Interactive Pre-Roll

The interactive video pre-roll provides the most focused engagement and brand Interaction found anywhere in streaming content. The interactive video pre-roll unit drives customers to point of sale through reward and loyalty based games that engage the user and increase ad and brand retention.


Tablet, Mobile Web, and Mobile In-App

DashBid can also provide the customer with mobile video ad units. These units include in-banner or interstitial units for web-based browsing or full-screen takeovers and interstitials for in-app experiences.